Ohio Sessions (EP 05 - May)

by The Town Monster



All songs written, performed and produced by The Town Monster unless otherwise noted.


released June 3, 2010

The Town Monster is Nathan Photos, Matt Grady and Mike Rana.



all rights reserved


The Town Monster Columbus

If synth pop wandered into a dark alley and found itself viciously beaten by a gang of guitar distortion and layered rhythms, it might sound an awful lot like The Town Monster.

The music all culminates in The Town Monster's crushing live show, an electro bath of sensory overload. It finds out what happens when noise becomes symphony.
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Track Name: The Town Monster (Part Two)
I lived in a quiet place
I saw the same people every day
I never read the good book
And I never bowed to pray
'Til an angel came on high
And arrived to say:

"Repent! Repent!
There is someone who truly loves you
And would wash the dirt from your filthy face!
But you hide from your friends and your family
And you choose to live in disgrace!
Repent! Repent! Repent!"

Why do you dream? Why do you lie?
I don't know.
Why do we cry all the time?
Why do we breathe? Why do we die?
I don't want you to die.
I'm going crazy.

Before you become
Some kind of town-wrecking monster!

Your skin!
Your face.

We had a town meeting
All night we stayed awake
And in the morning they decided
To burn the angel at the stake.

His skin smelled of myrrh
And his wings lit the sky
But he didn't pray, no, no, no, no.
And he didn't cry.

He sang the saddest song in the world.
It broke a thousand hearts at once.

"Christ is King! Christ is King!
Christ is King!"
Track Name: The Lightning Conductor
She could make it rain.
I watched her do it once in the middle of May.
Right before she laid in front of my door
But that door isn't there anymore.

She could crack the sky.
I watched her wreck it all
With one glorious beam of light.
On the last day that we all felt the same
We caught teardrops that dripped from her face
On our umbrellas made of mistakes
Until she made an island of this place
But the floor isn't there anymore

Remember your umbrella and your yellow rain coat
When she takes you on her big black boat
When all the things you should have said
Get caught in your throat
Remember your umbrella and your yellow rain coat.
Track Name: Onward
Move us onward
Move us on, Lord
'Round the lanterns and the torches of our enemies!

Move us onward
On to somewhere
I don't know where
The road goes on to lands we've never seen!

O, and so it goes
And so it goes

My sword will guide me on
My sword will bring me home.