Ohio Sessions (EP 11 - November)

by The Town Monster



released November 30, 2010

All songs written by the Town Monster, except 'The Sea & The Storm' written by Zoe Osborne.



all rights reserved


The Town Monster Columbus

If synth pop wandered into a dark alley and found itself viciously beaten by a gang of guitar distortion and layered rhythms, it might sound an awful lot like The Town Monster.

The music all culminates in The Town Monster's crushing live show, an electro bath of sensory overload. It finds out what happens when noise becomes symphony.
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Track Name: The Coward
I'm on my own this time
So my boots are shaking
I don't believe what I see
Only what I'm not saying.

There's nothing left here, so I have to leave
Or, I guess I'm glad you left me.

Feels so good to be alone!
But not to be lonely, I sing

You wanna roll this time?
Our words are constantly mistaken
These forest folk don't act like we act
Don't do like we do
Don't play like they say
And they lie to themselves too easily.

I joined their tribe in spring of last year.
It was beautiful! We danced all night!
We lived in a weeping willow tree
With xylophones and holes in our sleeves
We put on plays for nobody

Nobody is here now.
Nobody is here now.
I love you. No one knows.
Nobody is here now.

I made you cry yet again
Revenge for holding hands with him
On the frozen ground of Michigan
You crossed me, so I cut you.
This is what I've learned to do
I learned that trick from you

But I'm not lonely
I'm never lonely
Who told you I was lonely?
Do I look lonely?
You're crazy!

I'm gonna grow this time.
God knows we won't change until we break
I've watched us breaking for quite awhile
So why did you change but I'm still the same?
Track Name: The Glow
I love pretty shiny things
I can't take my eyes off
I would if I could, but I
I can't take my eyes off
Whirl around my head
And knock upon my heart
Float above my bed
Flickering like candlelight

The glow, the glow, the glow
We have to hide it in the snow

You'd be the one to steal it
Like a jar of fireflies
Guide your way through the night
Treasure I have hidden
But darkness can not hide the light
Track Name: The Ghost, The Ghost, The Ghost, The Ghost (It's Time To Let You Go)
Just this once I'm gonna sleep easy
Just this once I'm gonna say what I need to say
When I look back it's so obvious
You only left once I drove you away

Now my life is just a grocery list of regrets
Too much caffeine, too many cigarettes
An empty house and a messy room
The dead of night, the angry moon

I don't know how we got to this place
I was waiting for you to disintegrate
So I waited you waited
We wait and we wait and we wait

So where were we gonna live?
Those should be my children
Remember when you fell into my hands?

Do you know what I've given up for you?
A thousand girls who loved me truly
But I couldn't love them back because of you

So where were we gonna live?
Those should be my children
I married you the moment I met you

Do you know what I've given up for you?
Every song I ever wrote in my life is for you.
A thousand songs I despise because
They all remind me of you.

I'm just a ghost now
Trying to haunt you.
Track Name: The Sea & The Storm
We're finally here
The place we've dreaded our whole lives
I convinced myself through the years
That we could escape goodbyes

Where did tomorrows go?

Pray, turn away
There is sorrow in my eyes
Was it that you said you'd stay
And I would be the first to travel by?

Where did tomorrows go?

I don't want to lose you
Do not leave me here alone

'Cuz I have been the saddest clown
In this humdrum town
While you have been the calmest sea
And I have been the storm.