Ohio Sessions (EP 04 - April)

by The Town Monster

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Atari Girl recorded at Electraplay Studios, Hilliard, Ohio.



released April 28, 2010

All songs written, performed and produced by The Town Monster unless otherwise noted.
The Town Monster is Matt Grady, Nathan Photos and Mike Rana.



all rights reserved


The Town Monster Columbus

If synth pop wandered into a dark alley and found itself viciously beaten by a gang of guitar distortion and layered rhythms, it might sound an awful lot like The Town Monster.

The music all culminates in The Town Monster's crushing live show, an electro bath of sensory overload. It finds out what happens when noise becomes symphony.
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Track Name: Atari Girl
Atari Girl on a broken string
Claims faulty wiring, but I see straight through
Those boysenberry clouds you drew
Around a painted velvet frown
And ice cream colored skies
As you dance neon lights with pin-prick precision
And oatmeal eyes.

There's nothing new about this version
Of a talisman, a chain
So sick of waltzing in the rain
Down a plane ticket red light melted gumdrop lane
But you can bet your bottom dollar to your father
I'll be there to catch your breath
As you slip into your death
I'd strangle you if the devil didn't have
Something better coming next.

O but he does!
An institution for your loved ones!
For all the hearts that you fucked up!
A coffin for the bodies
Of your unborn daughters and sons!

My darling, who could ask for more?
Everyone is a whore.

Atari Girl is still dangling by her lips
From a useless soap star's licorice-flavored camel's mane, and slowly,
Between sips of poisoned Beaujalais
And the tips of her rotten fingers
She grabs hold of darker souls
Who taste the abyss she tangos to.

But I know you. Inside and out.
I've licked every single cavity
Inside your perfect mouth.
I said I know you. Sideways and down.
I've been to every single sideshow.
I've played every single clown.
You bitch, I know you.
I know your scent and your sounds.
I've broken bottles on the muzzles
Of every dog in this godforsaken town.
But I don't know you.
Not then, not ever, not now.
May Bacchus weep a river 'til you drown.

O and he will!
We'll catch dolls in the river
From our second story windowsill!
We'll eat black hearts until you've had your fill!
We'll murder millions of your babies
With a million different pills!

My darling, who could ask for more?
You're the Queen of the Cabaret Whores.

On an Atari screen made of ocean floors,
Beating down our unlocked doors.
Sucking off dogs down on all fours.
Leaking bloody milk to feed the dreamers' spores.

Dance until your clothes come off.
You are the Queen of the Cabaret Whores.
Track Name: Stay 4 Tha Night
Who are you?
What are you doing in my house?
Your petty parlor tricks won't scare me out
Don't tell me they drug you out the Pearly Gates
So you could show up here with your tears in a suitcase.

You can stay for the night
But in the morning I'll be gone.

You're still here? I thought I asked you to leave.
I can't find you anywhere but I still hear you breathe
You're going through the motions.
You're running through my mind.
You're drowning in the ocean.
I've known you all my life.
It was you made me a believer.
It was you gave me a doll.
It was you who gave me pretty visions
Of the world about to fall.

You can stay for the night
But in the morning I'll be gone.
Track Name: Meet Me In The Forest
The next time you sleepwalk
Meet me in the forest
Wear a white gown down that long, dark road
I will take you to the spider's lair
I will teach you how to be alone

Put your hands in the thickets
I'll tell you all my secrets
Got you right where I want you
Got you right where I want you.

When the night
Gets cold as my heart
Once I eat you whole
We will never be apart.

Spin the thread, love
Sew the end
Hide from the living
Chase after the dead
Why can't I keep you all to myself?

Be my end, love
Hide your head
It was always you, love
Always you in my bed.

When the night
Gets cold as my heart
Once I eat you whole
We will never be apart.