Ohio Sessions (EP 01 - January)

by The Town Monster



The first of 12 EP's to be released each month of 2010.


released January 31, 2010

All songs written, performed and produced by The Town Monster unless otherwise noted.

The Town Monster is Matt Grady, Nathan Photos and Mike Rana.



all rights reserved


The Town Monster Columbus

If synth pop wandered into a dark alley and found itself viciously beaten by a gang of guitar distortion and layered rhythms, it might sound an awful lot like The Town Monster.

The music all culminates in The Town Monster's crushing live show, an electro bath of sensory overload. It finds out what happens when noise becomes symphony.
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Track Name: Ohio (Part One)
This will be the last year of my life
Don't ask me how I know, I just know
I've known it my entire life
I just know it like the wind blows

Track Name: Neon Blue Graffiti
Who painted you all neon blue
I just want to graffiti you

All over you

Give up on your destiny
Come here and eat the rest of me
I have to get out of this city
And into the jungle with you

Who painted you

All over you

I just want to write all over you
Track Name: I Was Once Like You
I was once like you
I fucked her too
And when your lips pull from hers
I've been there first

And in the deep of her eyes only mine look back

I was once like you
I married her too
She told me I do and she didn't

And when she hears my name
Her heart beats faster
I drop her
You catch her

In her heart and in her mouth
She's only ever saying
This one, now that one

(Lyrics written by Thomas Baltzer.)
Track Name: Souls Go Out
Hey, where you going?
Nobody knowing

Pass like a ghost through the house
Drive out the churchmouse
Raccoons watching me from the chimney
They watch my spirit fall out
Of the window, down the stairwell
To the street and to the carousel
Spin around, little clown
Spin around

Hey, where you going?
Nobody knowing

You'll never really leave me
I don't believe it
The sparrows sing "you have no soul"
But I can see it
Under the train track, the second star
It's all over your mouth
It's in the graveyard
Spin around, little clown, spin around
Hold my hands and we both fall down

Hey, where you going?
Nobody knowing